John Mccain Has Mavericky New Plan To Repeal Obamacare And Replace It With Old Mccain Plan No One Wanted

WSJ: W.H. ‘Panic’ over Obamacare Led to Individual Mandate Exception

John McCain (R-AZ) said Wednesday that he would introduce a bill to repeal Obamacare and replace it with his own set of reforms. […] The central tenet, tax credits for purchasing health coverage, was also included in McCains 2008 presidential platform. So, erm, uh, awkward. Not only have Republicans tried to repeal Obamacare ALL the times, but Republicans named John McCain even offered this alternative to Obamacare already back in 2008, and wait, how did that end up again? Oh yeah. America said thanks but no thanks. But obviously that didnt count.
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GOP repeal efforts go silent as Obamacare ‘suicide’ plays out

“As the law is being implemented, millions are either losing health care or having premiums go up, and Republicans want to make sure that everyone recognizes that.” That has caused Republicans to move away from their blanket calls for repeal to highlighting problems with the law. Additionally, they could be proactively looking down the road. While some are being negatively impacted by the law, millions are expected to benefit. Salon’s Brian Beutler wrote , “I think Republican leaders will be extremely reluctant to hold votes to nakedly destroy the law.” Reality “To get rid of it completely would be very difficult,” said Ilya Somin, law professor at George Mason University, who was involved in Republicans’ Supreme Court challenge. Democrats control the Senate and the White House. Efforts to repeal the law have gone nowhere. The Cato Institute’s Tanner said repealing the law “hasn’t been a realistic option for quite some time.” Regardless, Republicans pushed by their conservative wing shut down the government for 16 days in October in an effort to defund the health care law.
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Democrats will never argue this, of course, but their implicit admission of the dangers of their bill mean “the White House is panicked that the whole entitlement is endangered” and that the ACA could result in more uninsured people than before, rather than a fully insured nation. If Republicans wielded such a devastating statistic, they would stand a real chance of repealing the entire ACA. Sure, Democrats would continue to argue that such a repeal is ” too costly ,” but how could it be more costly than a less insured America than the one the ACA was born into? How can Democrats successfully argue that fewer insured Americans is better in the long run than more Americans with health insurance? The gist of Rago’s argument is that actually passing the Affordable Care Act is the political victory the Democrats sought, regardless of its contents, and they are paying for this flippant attitude today by having to prevent most of its major pillars from taking effect and destroying the lives of millions of Americans. The only way to prevent an outright repeal, Rago concludes, is to prevent the law from doing to Americans what it is designed to do. In this scenario, no deadlines are truly rigid and no mandates can be allowed to fully take effect. Whether such a tactic will succeed depends heavily on the Republicans successfully arguing that there is no stopping this train constitutionally, only postponing it, without a true repeal. It will also depend on Democrats keeping control of the Senate and potentially winning the House when their signature piece of legislation is so flawed that the White House has deemed it a “hardship.” The Democrats will, for better or worse, always have certain talking points that executive candidates can return to that sound good in political advertising.
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